A Beautiful Journey

Don’t know where to begin with, but the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Introduction :

Let me introduce myself first..

Preeti Rathore, from Jaipur India.

Hello Friends, 

I am a new age farmer, I grow mushrooms, You can call me a “mushroom-grower” “mushroom-cultivator” “technical-farmer” or “nature-lover”. 

 I chose a name for my small farm ‘Amritatva’ – food for Immunity.

Do you love plants, greenery, nature and a clean environment?

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Most people will answer yes and of course, it should be. Everyone wants clean air, healthy food and lush green surroundings. But how many of us are contributing to it?

 From an early age, I found myself helping my Mother in gardening and like to be with trees and plants.

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 So the story begins……..

Sustainable Farming

This is my life’s first Article, I was planning to write an article on sustainable farming. Today I am happy the day has come.

I believe in this quote “your dedication towards your work decide your destiny.”

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In the beginning, we do not know how and when things will happen, but by performing dedicatedly 1% daily towards your work, all the doors will open and all you have to do is to move forward with… Positive thinking.

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We keep moving forward because we will get to learn something new, all this happens because we are cheerful from inside. This is the life how joyful you spend your day, because if you are happy then everything will be well and positive around you. This is the biggest achievement of our life.

I want to connect with you guys through my article and share my life and farming experiences.

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Now come to the point ….

Why did I choose the farming business?

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Smart Farming

In 2018 April, I was travelling to Bikaner with my son Hriday and daughter Himangini. Recently my husband started a new restaurant in Bikaner. There was one park nearby our house so every evening I used to go there for a walk with my kids. One evening I was walking in the park and my kids were playing, I saw one more lady is walking & her son was playing with my kids, so we started a small conversation and we were walking together, we talked about kids, their age, their healthy eating habits. After two three rounds we were much more comfortable with each other, we discussed kids’ illness reasons and how in today’s life everyone is facing allergies like gluten and lactose allergy and chronic diseases like diabetes, high BP, asthma, arthritis etc. We got to know that her husband and my son is coincidentally allergic to gluten, we both suggested to each other some healthy and gluten-free food options, then on our further conversation, we discussed many grains, veggies, mushrooms and health benefits of mushroom products.

As I was only aware of the fresh button mushroom and tin packed which is available throughout the year, because of our restaurant, where the requirement of mushrooms is complete by using preserved one. After reaching home that evening I googled about a variety of mushrooms and their farming, saw many videos, read lots of articles on the net and built some interest in mushrooms. Until that day I knew that “Mushrooms means button mushroom”.

After two-three days I was back in Jaipur and continuing my research on mushrooms. 

To be continued in the next article……..

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