Oyster Mushroom
What is a mushroom?
A mushroom is the fruiting body of a plant, the part of a fungus that typically appears above the ground and contains its reproductive units or spores. Although mushrooms are usually considered members of the Plant Kingdom, they differ from most plants because they lack chlorophyll and must rely on organic material for nutrition. Mushrooms play a vital role in the world’s ecosystem

They do this in three ways as
1.    Saprophytes
2.    Parasites  
3.    Mycorrhizae

1. Saprophytes live on dead organic matter, including dead wood, the dead tissue of living trees, dung, and leaf litter.

2. Parasites attack living plants or animals.

3. Mycorrhizae mushrooms have a symbiotic relationship with plants, usually either trees or shrubs. The underground vegetative part of the fungus- the mycelium- extracts nutrients from the substrate.

In India, the Oyster mushroom is generally known as ‘Dhingri’ mushroom. wheat straw/agriculture waste is used as a substrate to grow this mushroom, so oyster mushrooms are 100% vegetarian. It is an edible fungus and belongs to the' Pleurotus' family. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, fibre minerals, and antioxidants so it is a superfood.

We cultivate oyster mushrooms without using harmful or toxic chemicals by following a sustainable method, that is safe for the consumer, grower, and the environment.

We also work for social welfare to bridge the market demand and supply gap we train farmers to cultivate oyster mushrooms without using harmful or toxic chemicals and train women in the making of vegan and gluten-free mushroom-based products with maintaining quality and industry standards. The mushroom cultivation process works on the concept of zero waste farming like to increase the shelf life of oyster mushrooms we do sundry the oyster mushroom and make mushroom-based products and the leftover bags on which mushrooms grew are used as field mulching and compost-making. hence our whole value chain of mushroom production is beneficial for the grower,

There is a number of health benefits of consuming oyster mushroom in your daily diet because oyster mushrooms are medicinal mushroom and superfood. rich in sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Low in calories, fat-free and gluten-free.

Through our handmade product-making process we give employment to needy women, we also train people, especially women and farmers, which helps to cover social, economic and environmental impact through the following points:

  • Employment generation for women and farmers.
  • Market exposure and supply chain support.
  • Management of farm agro-waste with less water and land.
Oyster Mushroom


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